Saturday, 8 October 2016

New Stock....Coming Soon...

Lots of lovely new stock coming soon in our Etsy shop...I've been busy photographing lots of lovely jewellery which I'm sure you'll all love!

I'll try to post some of the photos in a couple of days but I'll be listing some items in our Etsy shop on Monday!

I've also now begun listing on eBay again so some of the items I've been photographing will be listed on can find us on eBay here: gillardmay2010

And here are some links to items already listed on eBay:

Hip Flask

Swarovski Candle Holders

Vintage Draughts/Checkers Game

Radley Bag

And of course lots of jewellery....which you can find by going to one of the items above and clicking on the other items link....

So keep your eyes on our Etsy shop and eBay listings...😉 You never know what you might find....☺

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Gillard and May Blog

Welcome to the blog of Gillard & May!

I run our online Vintage, Antiques and Collectables business through our online shop, which you can find here: Gillard & May Website and also our Etsy shop, which is here: Gillard & May on Etsy

Whew!  All this IT business is exhausting!  I've spent the last couple of days trying to set up a newsletter, and newsletter sign up form, from my website (I've no idea whether the sign up form is working or perhaps someone can tell me???).  Here's a link to our newsletter sign up form: Gillard & May Newsletter Sign Up Form I know this link will take you to the form...but I'm not sure if the form itself is doing what it's supposed to be doing.... that is letting me know who wants to sign up to our newsletter....perhaps someone would like to register through the form and we'll see if it works.... just let me know that you've tried it by sending me an email to: Gillard & May Email

Of course as I'm Chief of Operations with hats for all roles, the IT business is also part of my job description....along with buying, photographing, listing, keeping the spreadsheets up to date (to please my accountant!).... Oh and hundreds of other things....!!

Here are a couple of things I've listed in our website shop today:

Black & Silver Oriental Lillies Perfume Bottle

I think because I work from an office at home, people think I've got time to sunbathe when the sun's out like today, but I never get the time!!  And as for housework....where's the time for that...????

But I do get a break from this on a Wednesday afternoon when I volunteer at a local charity shop in Ossett run by Wakefield Hospice....

I hope you like this blog and look forward to making your acquaintance.


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